Health and Benefits.

From day to day stress to an injury or illness. It all comes down to hydrotherapy and this is what happens:

This stops vermin and damp entering, which could cause longterm structural problems.

After 5 minutes:

The bodies pulse rate and blood pressure starts to drop.

After 10 minutes:

Your hands and feet become water due to improved circulation because of increased blood flow.

After 15 minutes:

The relaxing of the muscles is next. This makes them more responsive to passive exercise. Lactic acid and other toxins are released easier because your muscles are more movable and respond better to stretching.

After 20 minutes:

You will be relieved of minor pains. This increases the feeling of being both mentally and physically relaxed.

It can also promote a more natural and deeper sleep.

Health and Benefits.

Benefits Articles.

"Helps relieve blood pressure, headaches and stress related pain. Counter acts stress on the human body. Shared more easily when in warm water and relaxing with someone you loves are romantic thoughts."

Articles "Mayo clinic OK's" spas for heart patients

"The body's natural thermostat reduces your body temperature. This lets you go into a deeper, more relaxing and natural sleep."

Study in scientific journal " Sleep"

"Helps joint movement. Strength and flexibility can be pressured and maybe restored in some cases, to joints."

Arthritis publication, spas pools and arthritis

"The New England journal of medicine carried out a controlled test on patients with diabetes mellitus type 2. The patients visited a spa 30 minutes a day for six days a week. After 10 days patients required reduced doses of insulin, loss of weight, showed distinct decrease in plasma. Glucose and glyosylated haemoglobin. They also benefited from improved sleep and improvement of general well being. Patients who could not exercise would benefit form an increased blood flow to the skeletal muscles."

New England journal of medicine September 16th 1999

Benefits Articles.