The Monte Carlos

6 person

This is the extreme in hot tub / spa hire
Bottle of Bubbly & Underwater Camera With Every Hire.

If you want to treat yourself or your thinking of buying a hot tub spa then this is the one to hire. It has 5 - 6 acrylic shelled moulded seats, stainless steel adjustable jets,bright underwater light along with easy to read programmable top-side controls and not forgetting our controllable Air Venturi System.

All water treatment chemicals, Steps, Foot Bath, Supplied.

Access: will need to be checked by a Garden Leisure member of staff


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Hire Rates - Spas are delivered the day before the hire starts to enable the spa to reach the working temperature. The tub takes approximately 15 - 20 hours to heat the water to 37°C. A minimum delivery charge of £10.00 will apply, All prices are inclusive of VAT


Hot Tub Hire Check List

Hose Pipe set up ready to use Yes
Access route clear of obstructions Yes
Access to electrics Yes
Area clear for deliverly veichle to gain access Yes
Area where you would like tub clear of obstructions Yes
Pets keeped safely away Yes
Coffee and Biscuits Yes

Installation information

  • Overhangs | Gutters | Outside lights:
    Minimum delivery height 2.5 meter

  • Doorways:
    Measure the distance between the open door & the opposite side frame. Also does the door open wide enough to allow door handle to be out of the way. Distance between top & bottom door frame needs to be the minimum delivery height.2.5m

  • Gates/Paths:
    Minimum delivery width 1 meter Examples that can reduce the delivry route are outside taps, gates catches or hinges, windowsills, rain guttering down corners, boiler ventss and fence post.

  • Steps:
    Must be discussed with Garden Leisure when booking is made.
    Also clear from obstructions.

  • Tree/Hedges:
    Clearance for the spa. Cut Back all branches and bushes that my hinder the route of the delevery,

  • Tight Corners:
    The Spa is rolled in on its side. This means for a 90 degree turn
    round a corner, We need a clear turning radius of 211cm

  • Shed/garages:
    Clearance for the Spa,

Please follow all information carefully

Technical Specifications

6 seater icon
seating: up to 6 people
Diameter: 211cm by 187cm
Depth: 87cm
Pump: 2 speeds
Controls: Latest state of the art LED readout. PAT tested.
Lighting: Blue Under water LED light.
Jets: 29 stainless steel
Adjustable swirl & pressure Jets: all adjustable stainless steel .
Air injection Valves: The air injection switch controls air injection into the jetting system. This gives much more water movement.

If you are unsure or need some more advice please contact us

Gazebo Hire

Available to hire with all hot tubs.

£25 Per Hire

Gazebo's are available to hire with all hot tubs. Fits directly over hot tub comes with 2 sides,

Please ask for more details when booking your Hot Tub hire.

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