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Garden Leisure is a major Vita Spa outlet for the Teesside area. Because of an increase for the demand in hiring and owning a hot tub or spa, Garden Leisure offer models of only the highest quality and reliability.

Also as many people have purchased a Spa / Hot Tub and the dealer is no longer There, Garden Leisure offer a repair service for any make of Spa / Hot Tub. Please contact us for more details.Garden Leisure have been providing hot tub hire and sales since 2005

Free: Spa steps. Rigid insulated cover, Chemical kit, site survey.


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Installation & Delivery


Spa's & Hot Tubs are heavy, large and bulky so access to your desired site has to be viable. Some properties are more accessible than others, which will make a difference in the method applied to get the Spa/Hot Tub to its position. There are many options available to achieve this. If you're in any doubt please tell us.

Once your Spa/Hot Tub is in place, we will need to fill it with water. make the electrical connections, run and test all applicable functions and add required water treatments. Once up to temperature, it only needs you to get in and enjoy! If you are unsure about how to get a Spa/Hot Tub into your property contact us for further information.


In order that your Spa/Hot Tub can function correctly, It is very important that you have a sound, firm and level base structure.

The combined weight of the spa/hotTub, Water and Users can be considerable, so a good base is essential. There are a number of options that will suit, which are: a concrete pad/plinth, a paved/patio area and decking.


A spa/hot tub require electricity to work. Therefore a power source needs be provided to the site of where the spa/hot tub is to be positioned. For safety reasons, the power source needs to be provided by a qualified electrician. The electrical requirements of the spa/hot tub will vary depending on the model you choose.

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Repair's, and maintenance


Maintaining your spa/hot tub is easy. There are a few essential exercises that you will need to perform on a regular basis to keep your Hot Tub in tip top condition. Our spa/hot tubs come with an Ozone Generator (optional extra on 100 & Sports Series), this standard feature helps keep your water Clean, maintained and healthy Whilst this system is an essential part of Your spa/hot tub experience.

The system also requires a little help from water treatments, You should add small amounts of treatment from time to time to keep your water quality to healthy levels. It will depend on the type of sanitiser you choose to how often you need to add the chemicals. Remember also, when the spa/hot tub is not in use, replace the cover. This will help keep the heat in but also keep out dust and dirt.

Filters will need to be changed at various intervals. The life of your filters depend on usage and water quality. Vita Spa hot tubs are maintenance free, but like any make of hot tub, a winterization procedure needs to be carried out if the hot tub is to be switched off during winter. Why not ask us about our on site maintenance facility for other makes.

Warranty Maintenance

We like to look after our customers and our spas/hot tubs, and a little peace mind helps you to enjoy your spa/hot tub even more, thats why a comprehensive warranty programme comes with every spa/hot tub.

This includes Lifetime Structural Spa Shell, 10 yrs surface, 3 years on 700 Series and 2 years on all other models for components, & a 2 year cabinet warranty. Manufacturers conditions apply. Further information upon request

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Water Treatment & Servicing

Water Treatment/Chemicals

Free with every spa/hot tub, we supply a Water-Treatment / Chemical starter pack. This will enable us to have spa/hot tub prepared for use as so possible for you. We are able to provide a whole range of Water Treatment products to enhance your spa/hot tub experience and control the water condition and quality. For more information on what is available browse our chemicals page.


Like your car, your spa/hot tub needs looking after. If you want us to save you time, and workout a Service Schedule for you. We can do the work of making sure your spa/hot tub runs smoothly. This Is an optional service performed outside of any warranty work and will be subject to a pricing structure dependent on your spa/hot tub model and age.


As all customers are valued customers, we strive to provide traditional values to you the consumer. What this means is that we are looking for long-term relationship with you providing second to none service and quality of product

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Removals and relocation Plus Dry Storage Facilities

Removals and relocation

Garden Leisure can assist you if you are moving properties and want to take your hot tub or spa with you. The hot tubs / spa's can be moved and professionally installed at your new home.

Dry Storage Facilities

If you need to store your hot tub / spa while you are relocating, then you can use our dry storage facility.

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