Hot Tubs Hires

Garden Leisure has a lager range of Hot Tubs for hire from a relaxing weekend with a few friends to the Ultimate Party Tub, with seating for up to 9 people and LED mood lighting.

As an addition to your hot tub hire we also have Gazebos available for hire, comes with two sides and fits directly over the hot tub.

All hires come with a Free Bottle Of Bubble!
Please ask for more Details When Booking Your Hire Tub.
Hot tub colour my vary

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How is the hot tub delivered?
A1: By van, then rolled or put onto a trolly.

Q2: How is the hot tub filled?
A2: By hosepipe supplied by the customer.

Q3: How long does the hot tub take to fill?
A3: Between one and three hours depending on water pressure

Q4: How is the hot tub powered?
A4: We supply an extension lead which plugs into a standard 13amp socket within 15 metres of the hot tub

Q5: How long will the hot tub take to heat up?
A5: between 12-24 hours depending on the time of year (we do offer a service where we heat the water as the tub fills. Call 01642 710992 for more information)

Q6: What type of surface can the hot tub be placed on?
A6: Any surface as long as it is level

Q7: Does anyone need to be there to take delivery?
A7: yes an adult needs to be there to take delivery, so that chemical information and hot tub controls can be explained

Q8: Do we need to do anything with the hot tub while we have it on hire?
A8: yes the water needs to be tested twice a day. Chemical information is explained and left on delivery

Q9: How long does the water stay warm for?
A9: The water can stay warm enough to use for up to four hours, depending on how it is used

Q10: Can the hot tub be lifted over a wall?

A10: Due to health and safety our hot tubs cannot be lifted over walls or hedges

Q11: How do we know that our hot tub will be delivered for our party?
A11: we have more than oneccc, we stock all spare parts for the tubs. We always have spare tubs in case we need to replace one. We take a £50 deposit and you get a confirmation email.

Q12: Is there anyone who can't use the hot tub?
A12: If anyone is pregnant or on medication they need to check with their doctor first.

Q13: How long can we hire a hot tub for?
A13: Hire periods are for weekends, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Q14: Can I buy the hot tub after I have hired it?
A14: The hot tub you hire may not be for sale but we always have a selection of ex hire, preowned or new hot tubs.

Q15: Can we hire more than one hot tub for an event?
A15: Yes you can, we have many units of each model.

Q16: Do you deliver in winter?
A16: Yes our hot tubs heat up and can be used all year round.

Q17: Do we have to drain the water out?
A17: No we drain the water out on collection.

Q18: Are the chemicals harmful to my skin?
A18: Not if they are added correctly. If anyone using the tub has a skin complaint or sensitive skin we can supply different chemicals.

Q19: Do you hire gazebo’s to cover the hot tub?
A19: Yes we can hire gazebo’s.

Q20: Can the hot tub go in the house?
A20: Yes we hire the Milan model, this fits through a standard doorway.

Q21: Does the hot tub have seats?
A21: Yes all of our hot tubs have moulded seats.

Q22: Does the hot tub have bubbles?
A22: Yes all our hire tubs have air injection systems for more bubbles.

Q23: Does the hot tub have any lights?
A23: Yes all of our hot tubs come with different lighting systems.

Q24: Can I control the water coming out of the jets?
A24: Yes all of our hot tubs have a two speed pump and the large jets can be adjusted. by the user.

How is the hot tub delivered?

When is the hot tub delivered?


Garden leisure deliver your hire tub one day before your hire starts to insure the hot tub is warmed and ready for you to use. The hire tub is delivered by one of our delivery teams and depending on access ether the hire tub is pushed in on our hot tub trolley or the hire tub is rolled in over our protective matting.

All areas of access must be cleared for the delivery team i.e. wheele bins, plant pots, hanging baskets, anything that my stop or hinder the delivery of your hire tub.

How long does it take?

It takes about an hour to set your hire tub up

once in place our staff will start the hot tub filling using a hose pipe provieded by the customer. It takes between one and three hours depending on water pressure to fill and take around 17 Hours to heat to full temperature around 37 degrees.

Our staff will run throw the instructions and show you how to use your hire tub leaving you with a copy of these instructions answering any questions you my have at this time.

Call now on 01642 710992 to confirm our latest offers or book your hot tub hire or visit our contact page .

Gazebo Hire

Available to hire with all hot tubs.

£25 Per Hire

Gazebo's are available to hire with all hot tubs. Fits directly over hot tub comes with 2 sides,

Please ask for more details when booking your Hot Tub hire.

Garden Leisure Hot Tub Hire