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Vita Spa - Luxe (300 Series)

Sit back and relax with the massage of your choice in the Luxe. With plenty of seating available you can listen to what your body needs to fully recover, or you can sit and enjoy conversations with friends and family.

Technical Information

  • Size: 231cm x 231cm x 97cm
  • Jets: 43 Halo Pro-Loc Jets
  • Seats: 7 Seats
  • Pumps: 2 x 2HP Massage Pump
  • Power: 32amps
  • Weight: 415kgs
  • Litres: 1,752L


  • Halo Pro-Loc Jets
  • Multiple Illumination Zones
  • Excel-X (Simulated Wood)
  • Freeze Protection
  • Copper Lined Insulation
  • Perma Sealed Base
  • Premier Style Cover

Optional Extras

  • CleanZone Sanitiser System
  • Champagne Air System
  • Global App Control
Vita Spa

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