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Spa's & Hot Tubs are heavy, large and bulky so access to your desired site has to be viable. Some properties are more accessible than others, which will make a difference in the method applied to get the Spa/Hot Tub to its position. There are many options available to achieve this. If you're in any doubt please tell us.
Once your Spa/Hot Tub is in place, we will need to fill it with water. make the electrical connections, run and test all applicable functions and add required water treatments. Once up to temperature, it only needs you to get in and enjoy! If you are unsure about how to get a Spa/Hot Tub into your property contact us for further information.

In order that your Spa/Hot Tub can function correctly, It is very important that you have a sound, firm and level base structure.
The combined weight of the spa/hotTub, Water and Users can be considerable, so a good base is essential. There are a number of options that will suit, which are: a concrete pad/plinth, a paved/patio area and decking.


A spa/hot tub require electricity to work. Therefore a power source needs be provided to the site of where the spa/hot tub is to be positioned. For safety reasons, the power source needs to be provided by a qualified electrician. The electrical requirements of the spa/hot tub will vary depending on the model you choose.

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