Hot Tub Hire

The Las Vegas Tub

Monday to Monday or Thursday to Thursday. Please check our delivery map for additional costs.

This spa needs a base area of at least 2.5m square.

The spa is of rigid construction so access can be limited. We will need to be able to pass through an opening of at least 250cm high and 78cm wide. Also for a 90 degree turns, We need a clear turning radius of 2.5 meters

All water treatment chemicals and Steps Supplied.
Installation information

  • Overhangs | Gutters | Outside lights:
    Minimum delivery height 2.5 meters (98 ½ inches)..
  • Gates/Paths:
    Minimum delivery width 78cm (30 inches). Examples that can reduce the delivery route are outside taps, gates catches or hinges, windowsills, rain guttering down corners, boiler vents and fence post.
  • Steps:
    Must be discussed with Garden Leisure when booking is made.
    Also clear from obstructions.
  • Tree/Hedges:
    Clearance for the spa. Cut Back all branches and bushes that my hinder the route of the delivery,
  • Tight Corners:
    The Spa is rolled in on its side. This means for a 90 degree turn
    round a corner, We need a clear turning radius of 2.5 meters
  • Shed/garages:
    Clearance for the Spa,
    Technical Specifications
  • Seating: 8 people
  • Diameter: 180cm
  • Depth: 72cm
  • Pump: 2 speeds
  • Controls: Latest state of the art LED read out PAT tested
  • Lighting: 15 Multi Coloured underwater LED Lights with Lighting system
  • Jets: 29 stainless steel jets
  • Pressure Jets: These give a great massage to your back & neck.
  • Adjustable swirl Jets: These invigorate through a double outlet jet and spinning rotor
  • Air Injection Valve: This allows you to control air through the jet system to give the bather a more vigorous massage.
£300.00 Per Week (Distance depending)

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